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Alcudia, The Jewel of Northern Majorca!

Stunning Alcudia

Majorca is a wonderful island that will capture your spirit the moment you arrive. But like all fantastic islands, it is really hard to choose the best place to stay. Alcudia might just be the pick of the bunch, or if not it is right up there. When you stay in Alcudia

The World Famous Blanes Fireworks!

Blanes Fireworks

Are you a fan of fireworks and gorgeous explosions in the sky? Look no further than the Blanes Fireworks Competition or as the locals call it, Els Focs de Blanes. The festival takes place every year during the Festival of Santa Anna. The Blanes fireworks competition is internationally renowned and attended

Pack Your Bags Full at Tordera market

Tordera Market

Mercado de Tordera (Spanish for Tordera market) is the heart and soul of this small Spanish village. The market takes place every Sunday on the main street of the village and you can get there by train or bus. The market is not located too far from both Lloret and

Blanes, Spain – The Wild Coast!

Beautiful Blanes

Planning a trip to Spain? You may want to add Blanes to your list of places to visit. Blanes is a town in Girona, Catalonia, Spain. It is a modern seaside town with an old quarter. Surrounding the area is plenty of spectacular nature. During the period when this area was

Visit Amazing Barcelona!

Visit Amazing Barcelona

Barcelona is located in the North-East of Spain and is the Catalan capital of the country. While its population generally speaks Catalan and not Spanish, they will be happy to help you in either English of Spanish anytime. Famous for its moderate temperatures and year-round sunny weather, Barcelona is the

Go to the Top in the Montserrat Funicular

Montserrat Funicular

One of the places not to be missed in Spain is the Montserrat Funicular. This great attraction is located in Montserrat National Park. You can get the train from Plaça Espanya in Barcelona and head towards Manresa, you would need to get off at Monistrol Montserrat. The Montserrat Funicular will take

Gran Canaria: A Mini Continent of its Own!

Stunning Gran Canaria

People often say that Gran Canaria is a mini-continent. This is due to its location off the west coast of Africa. The island is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to have a great holiday in the sun. There are 236 kilometers of coastline and about sixty of those are

Take a Trip to Tantalizing Tenerife

Stunning Tenerife

Tenerife has been a top holiday destination for a long time. Welcoming tourists since 1890! It is the largest of the Canary Islands and is located off the west coast of Africa. The island was originally inhabited by cave people who came over from Africa. Over the years this has changed,