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The Best Places to Visit in Pune

Pataleshwar Cave Temple

Places to Visit in Pune Pune is the second most important city in Maharashtra state after the capital city of Mumbai. Pune is also the ninth most populous city in India and since the city is surrounded by hills, it is called ‘The City of Hills’. As you read through this

Inside Article: Travelling From Mumbai To Delhi?

Mumbai Station, Mumbai to Delhi

How to Travel From Mumbai to Delhi? The obvious answer to this question is jump on a plane and fly straight from Mumbai to Delhi! But every time we do that we miss out on so much of the beautiful country. Yes, it is definitely convenient and obviously fast, but the

City Guide: Incredible Places To Visit In Jaipur

Jal Mahal, places to visit in Jaipur

Incredible Places to Visit in Jaipur Jaipur is also called Pink City of India. It is the capital of the state of Rajasthan. Maharaja jai Singh II founded the city when he ruled from Amer. Jaipur is the tenth most populated city in the country. The city is also the part of