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Kos Town: History and Nightlife Together!

Kos Town

The capital of Kos is the beautiful Kos Town, built on the island’s south eastern side. Kos Town, besides the capital, is also the main port of the island. The modern Kos Town is built on the same location as its ancient predecessor, thus history and culture go hand in hand in every corner.

Ornos: Feel Like a captain

Relax on the Ornos Beach

Ornos resort is located on the southwest part of Mykonos and is only 3.5 kilometers away from the capital, Mykonos Town. It used to be a small fishing village, but has been touristic developed in a massive scale the last years. The beach on the front of the resort has

Tourlos – The Coastal Village

Tourlos - The Coastal Village

Tourlos is a small, coastal village on the north side of Mykonos. It is around 2.5 kilometers from Mykonos Town. Traditionally, it used to be a quiet place, less popular to tourists, with not many activities. But nowadays, it’s the location of the island’s newly developed commercial port and the

Milos: The “island of colors!”

Stunning Milos

Milos is an island with volcanic origins and the most western one in the Cyclades complex. It is known to many people from the discovery of “Venus di Milo”, the famous statue. The statue of Aphrodite might now have been “exported” to the Louvre, but this is not the only reason to visit the

Mykonos: The island of the winds

Inspiring Mykonos

Mykonos, or “The island of the winds” as it’s nicknamed, is geographically located on the northern side of the Cyclades and is the absolute star among the Greek islands. Mykonos is the ultimate holiday place for all ages and preferences, particularly for youngsters looking for entertainment throughout the day. Don't

Plaka – Milos’ Must Visit Capital!

Inspiring Plaka

Plaka is Milos’ capital town and one of the most intact capitals of the Cyclades. It was founded around 1800 on a hill 220 meters above sea level, with the traditional Cycladic architecture: picturesque tiled alleys, whitewashed houses with coloured windows and small balconies full of flowers make Plaka what

Rethymno – Why You Must Visit!

Rethymno, Crete

This prefecture nestled between Chania and Helaklio, will steal your hearts with its Renaissance appearance and its unique character. With a history that can be traced back to the Neolithic age, vast sandy beaches and the biggest mountains of the island. It delivers amazing experiences for all types of visitors.

Take a trip to Yialos on the island of Lefkada

Yialos Main

When you ask me about my favourite island in Greece, I will immediately say it is without any doubt Lefkada, especially Yialos. Of course, the reason for this is the personal connection I have with this island in Greece. I made my first visit to this island about a decade

Is Vatera The Cream Of Lesvos

Vatera Beach

When you travel in Greece, particularly Lesvos, you should leave plenty of time for sightseeing. You can fill your time with visiting the top attractions in Vatera, which is in Lesvos. The most popular attraction in Vatera is her beach. About Lesvos: Lesvos is actually the third largest island in Greece. She

You Must Check Out The Prespa Lakes in Serene West Macedonia

Prespa Lakes Main

The region that surrounds the small Prespa Lake and the Great Prespa Lake is Prespa. This is an international region shared by Macedonia, Greece and Albania. Of these, Macedonia makes up the major part of the great Prespa Lakes. About Macedonia For most foreign visitors, the term Macedonia reminds them of Alexander