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Pack Your Bags Full at Tordera market

Tordera Market

Mercado de Tordera (Spanish for Tordera market) is the heart and soul of this small Spanish village. The market takes place every Sunday on the main street of the village and you can get there by train or bus. The market is not located too far from both Lloret and

Travel Guide: Europe’s Medieval Cities

Medieval City Mdina

The 10 Most Beautiful Medieval Cities In Europe Life in the ancient world was much different than life today. As humans began to develop agriculture, towns began to pop up around the countryside. Soon, we developed skills for building with stone masonry.  It was at this point the first medieval cities began to show

City Guide: Assen,The Netherlands

The Best Things To Do In Assen, The Netherlands Assen is the home of the TT Circuit Assen. You will know this if you are a superbike fan because world renowned superbikes and formula 1 cars race around these tracks all summer long. Located in the North of the Netherlands, Assen is

City Guide: Enschede, The Netherlands

The Best Things to Do In Enschede: Enschede, the Netherlands is, in fact, the capital city of the region Twente. Home of FC Twente, in all honesty, THE favorite football club of every proud Tukker (Dutch word for a person of the area). Enschede, also known as Eanske in the Twentse