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Enjoy the Quiet Border City of Ranong, Thailand

Ranong Main

Want to know the best part of Thailand? Then, your choice should be the quiet border town of Ranong. This town is generally not chosen by tourists as a touring destination. It is generally considered a town in the way of reaching Koh Chang or Koh Payam.

Why do tourists visit Ranong?

Generally, tourists visit this city for a couple of reasons. One is for a visa run in Myanmar to renew their visa for Thailand. The other reason is that people can travel to the neighbouring islands from here with ease.

Take a Boat Trip in Ranong
Take a Boat Trip in Ranong

The right place for peacefulness:

One thing I wish to confess here: Ranong does not have many things to offer as against the peaceful atmosphere. This is the important factor that attracts tourists from different places to this Thai island. But, I wish to share one thing here: This is a spa town with hot springs that the tourists can gain access to without any charge. This town also acts as the house for a former royal residence. In addition, around the town, and in the mountains, you can see some attractive waterfalls and even a canyon.

Motorcycle ride:

Ranong is something different from other towns in Thailand. Surprisingly, you can rarely find taxi drivers disturbing tourists. They can be hardly found in the bus terminus and you can generally find them on the main streets alone.

How about foods?

When you visit the street food stalls in this town, you will get noodle soups. In other parts of Thailand, these stalls function at nights, but it is a rare scene in Ranong. If you get too late after 8 pm, almost all stalls are closed in the town.

Grab Some Food in Ranong
Grab Some Food in Ranong

How to get around?

If you wish to explore the town on a stay here, you can just take tuk-tuks and motorcycle taxis, similar to other cities and towns in Thailand. In addition, you can also take local buses. Each line has its number and most buses pass through the city market located in the Ruangrat Road. The comfiest bus to choose to get around Ranong is the bus number 3, which is a red bus. This bus will take you to the streets, where you can find most hotels and guesthouses in the town.

How about climatic conditions in Ranong?

The town has a tropical monsoon, but there will be different variation in the temperature all through the year. If you plan to visit during warmer months, they will fall from February to April, which is the pre-monsoon season. May to October is the rainy season, during this period you will get to see torrential rains and there will be heavy precipitation in the transitions months of April and November. The ideal time to visit Ranong and its popular islands Koh Phayam and Koh Chang is from December to March. It is better to avoid months between May and October as it is a rainy season.

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