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Pack Your Bags Full at Tordera market

Tordera Market

Mercado de Tordera (Spanish for Tordera market) is the heart and soul of this small Spanish village. The market takes place every Sunday on the main street of the village and you can get there by train or bus. The market is not located too far from both Lloret and Blanes.

As with most markets in the countryside, the produce is fresh and varies from fish and meat to vegetables and fruits. Many of the restaurants in the village come here to buy their produce for their cooking. They do this as they trust the quality of it. Due to the freshness of the produce, the products sold by the villagers are sure to give flavor to even the simplest of recipes. If you’re more of a street food kind of person. You can easily enjoy a frugal meal with all the varied foods in the market.

Tordera Market is always busy
Tordera Market is always busy

There’s a playground for kids so you can shop in peace whilst they play. You can ask for healthy snacks (such as fresh fruit or homemade sweets by the locals.) Due to its famous reputation, Tordera market can get quite crowded so it’s best to go in the morning when the food is plenty and the visitors scarce. Once lunchtime rolls around, the village is filled with tourists and it can be hard to even catch a seat in a restaurant.

Tordera Market is a Great Place for Shopping
Tordera Market is a Great Place for Shopping

Tordera market is a place favored by vegetarians and vegans alike, it can really be a breath of fresh air from Barcelona’s pricey markets. If you do have spare time on a Sunday during your visit, make sure not to miss this authentic haven of Catalan cuisine.

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