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Ornos: Feel Like a captain

Relax on the Ornos Beach

Ornos resort is located on the southwest part of Mykonos and is only 3.5 kilometers away from the capital, Mykonos Town. It used to be a small fishing village, but has been touristic developed in a massive scale the last years. The beach on the front of the resort has caster sand, blue waters and is usually protected by the winds, making it ideal for fanatic swimmers. For this reason, it is bursting with life, attracting both young people and families. It is fully organized, with sunbeds, umbrellas, beanbags and several restaurants and bars right on the sea front. Water sports of various kinds are also available. A scuba diving school along with schools for water-skiing and windsurfing also operate in the area.

There’s easy access to the capital with frequent bus service, and several water taxis depart daily to other Mykonos beaches. Just a side note: If you prefer renting a car than taking the bus, you need to know that there are two major parking spots, one in the village centre and one near the beach, but during peak months both get full quite easily. Ornos is also quite famous among yacht owners, as it provides a good anchorage. Chances of seeing a big yacht next to a humble fishing boat are quite high! If you feel like a captain, there’s also a boat rental service available. During medium season, when the beach is not full, you might even witness seals playing in the water – quite a spectacle! Another highlight of the resort is its architectural development. Although most of the development has only been done the last few years, the design of all the houses dressed in the Cycladic white and overlooking the Aegean Sea, give to Ornos a special oomph.

Relax on the Ornos Beach
Relax on the Ornos Beach

Where to Stay in Ornos

Ornos, just a few years back, used to be a quaint fishing village, with limited accommodation options. This is not the case anymore. The resort has recently developed into a self-contained village, full of different accommodation choices. Colonies of expensive hotels cram the beach area, but without destroying the traditional Mykonian atmosphere. If you have enough money in your wallet, these hotels can be an ideal option. Most of these hotels offer a 5-star accommodation, with pool, spa and great sea views, an all-in-all quite exclusive experience. In case you are looking for something a bit more cost-effective, then it is wise to look deeper inside the village.

Don’t be fooled, accommodation in Mykonos is expensive in general. But at least you could find some apartments and rooms to rent – with maybe not a great view, but with nice amenities and really nice decorated. Most of the apartments and rooms in Ornos are relatively new, so you won’t be disappointed with the general offering. If money is not an issue, then my suggestion is to have a look in private villas as well. There are quite a few around the resort, ideal for those who want their stay to be really exclusive. Have in mind that no matter what you’d choose, an early booking is necessary in order to avoid disappointment, especially during the peak months of July and August.

Ornos has Many Accommodation Options
Ornos has Many Accommodation Options

Where to Eat in Ornos

The options for a nice meal are endless in Ornos. There are too many beach taverns and restaurants to count. Some of them are right on the shore, while others are further inside the village. Most of them serve excellent food, although a bit on the high side. Nevertheless, there are choices for everybody. You can also dine right on the beach, but for the beach service you need to have in mind that you will have to dine at the restaurant you rent your sun beds from. Still a good variety and lots of options.

If you can’t choose between the options, below are just a few of my favorites, in a mix-and-match in terms of prices: Kuzina is a fusion between Greece and Asia, serving from grilled octopus to yakitori chicken and from lobster pasta to sushi. In Pasaji you can choose between meat and fish dishes (with the latter ones winning my heart – and stomach!). If you’re in the mood for meat, go to Aperanto Galazio: their “souvlaki” is not quite traditional, but it’s a definite must try. Kostantis has an outstanding location right on the front of the beach and perhaps the best seafood risotto of Mykonos! For something more cost-effective, or for a quick meal, go to Markos Falafel. Nothing posh there, besides the food (oh, and the owner can easily be the friendliest man you’ll ever meet!).

A Church on the Way to Ornos
A Church on the Way to Ornos

Ornos Nightlife

Some might say that if you want “good” nightlife, then go to Mykonos Town. I couldn’t say I agree with that. Sure, Ornos is only a few kilometers from Mykonos town, so you can always pay a visit to the capital if you feel bored, but I’d say that the resort has quite a nice nightlife scene. Of course, do not expect rowdy parties from midnight to the break of down. These dance-till-you-drop options are available in Mykonos Town. But, if you want to chill in an upscale atmosphere and kick back with a frozen daiquiri and good music, Ornos is your place. As a matter of fact, most of the beach bars can become much livelier, depending on the clientele.

Most of the beach bars also host special parties and entertainment events from time to time. There are many well-known DJs who have performed in the past for special events. If you’re into it, chances are that events like these take place the busier months of July and August. The Buddha Bar and Restaurant is one of the beach bars with an upscale nightlife around the resort. Other places where you can enjoy your drink at night time are Mykonos Ammos Hotel, Pasaji nad Aperanto Galazio. One thing is for sure: You won’t get bored at Ornos!

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