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Manori Beach, Mumbai’s Weekday Beach

Manori Beach

Manori village, where Manori Beach is located is a coastal island location in the northern suburbs of Mumbai. The beach can be easily reached by car, tourist bus or any private vehicle if you follow the Bhayandar route.

Manori is a semi-rocky beach and is less crowded with very few people, couples and picnic groups during the weekdays. Although vendors like Ice Baraf Gola, Nimbu Pani (Lemon Juice) and Coconut water sellers are seen throughout the week.

Weekends and Holidays are altogether a different scene here though. People come in large groups for a day or an overnight stay, as this is also a wonderful weekend gateway. This beach is totally crowded and not as clean as you might hope. Litter can be seen along the shoreline.

Overall, this beach is much better in terms for those looking to stay a few days. On the weekdays you can enjoy the isolation, climate, cleanliness and greenery. If you compare it to other famous city beaches like Juhu and Girgaum.

There is a particular section of Manori Beach that has a small rocky hillock which is a fun to climb and then stop for a rest at the top. Seafood is another attraction at these north beaches and a great treat if you are Non-vegetarian and love fish. Comparatively, vegetarians have lesser options and from the available food outlets, very few have a great taste.

Manori Beach
Manori Beach

Sunset at Manori Beach

Sunset is what you must not miss at Manori Beach. You also need to enjoy the vast flowing Arabian Sea, fishing boats and that sunset view. Sadly there are no water rides or adventure options available at Manori beach. The maximum you might enjoy is a boat ride along the sea and possibly horse or camel rides during the weekends. So consider this beach for a great relaxing place within the weekdays. The weekends, however, are probably not the best time to come for a visit.

If you are coming during the weekend it is a safe place to hang out. There are far too many people for any trouble to start. Most of the resorts and small cottages are full during the summer months and weekends are sure not for foreign tourists. But hey you are most welcome to actually feel the way Mumbai people enjoy their beaches.

Another point to note is to carry enough cash. Locations around Manori Beach area have hardly any ATM machines and those one or two that you find available will probably have run out of cash. One needs to go deep into the villages or drive down to far locations for emergency cash if you do find yourself needing it.

Usually the climate in the summer is warm with temperatures around 29 to 30 degrees at the beach front, but the breeze is still cool. Manori Beach climate is great during the monsoon rainy days and also the winters too. There is a lot of parking available, so no need to worry about the biggest problem of Mumbai which is parking.

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