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Visit the Tiny Island of Koh Wai, Thailand

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Are you living or travelling in Thailand? Do you desperately look for a place of isolation to relax? You might probably have thought about Koh Chang or even Koh Samet. The former is highly busy, while the latter is highly expensive, is that right? This is the reason for your continuous thought process, isn’t? Now: Where to go is your question. Well, you can, of course, choose Koh Wai. This is the cheapest bet as compared to other islands in its region. Also, it is the best place to relax in some excellent turquoise water.

What can you expect?

On your visit to Koh Wai, you will get to see stunning corals and fish near the beach. Empty beaches, mouth-watering food, and quiet evenings are everything you can expect from this Thai island. You can expect many things to charm the Robinson Crusoe in you. No electricity, no bikes, no roads and can you expect to live without these things. No electricity means any lights. Is that true? No: the locals use generators. Yes, I can listen to your relaxing breath. In short, this is the place to visit to forget everything and you can get a relaxing outing from your busy lifestyle.

Relax at Koh Wai
Relax at Koh Wai

How to reach Koh Wai?

You have a couple of choices to reach Koh Wai from Koh Chang. The first choice is speed boat and the second is a normal boat. In the case of former, there are a couple of departures per day. On the other hand, the latter has just a single departure. Getting tickets is easier as there are many companies in Koh Chang that sell tickets with the same value. You can a taxi from your staying place to reach the pier in Bang Bao to catch the boat. In the case of a speed boat, it will take 30 minutes and a normal boat will take one hour to reach Wai. They also take tourists to Koh Kood and the Koh Maak islands, but Koh Wai is the first stop.

What can you do in Koh Wai?

I wish to tell you something: Yes, you can do nothing in Koh Wai, other than relaxing yourself. Do I sound too much: Oh! Maybe a couple of things you can do on this island. But, I want to say do not just count on the activities. This is an island, where you will not be bothered by loud music and just the natural sounds of birds and the sea are there to relax you. But wait, there’s more… you can relax, relax and you can relax enjoying the beach. Are you worried that you cannot stay without doing something? Here are some activities for you on this island:


I would highly recommend you to snorkel at Wai. You can just rent a mask and a snorkel and can swim on your own. This is something easier and also affordable as compared to a snorkel boat trip.

Kayaking and hiking are other activities that will keep you engaged in Koh Wai.

Fire Show at Koh Wai
Fire Show at Koh Wai

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