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For Complete Tranquillity, You Should Head To Koh Rang, Thailand

Koh Rang Main

So, do you wish to visit an island that is filled with Tranquillity? Then, selecting Koh Rang, a Thai island can be the best choice without any doubt. It is located in the centre of a Marine Park. It is just to the west of Koh Mak and well over an hour’s reach from Bang Bao on Koh Chang.

For overnight camping:

Let me tell you one thing: If you are looking for overnight camping, Koh Rang has everything to offer on the main island. Yes, there is a ranger station, a highly safe restaurant with washroom facilities, and a couple of cottages. You can book your accommodation from Koh Chang. But, I wish to share a word of caution here: People staying happen rarely. Nevertheless, as you are looking for loneliness, you can choose this island for sure.


The ideal beach on this island is at the South Eastern corner. You can also find another popular beach destination to the north-eastern part. Also, there are rougher strands along the eastern coast. In the south Eastern corner beach, there is a Chinese Shrine for Sailors. The beach on the east coast is highly sheltered with coarser sand and the other in the northeast is filled with white sand. On this beach, the water is shallow. This means that it is hard to bring a speedboat except in the events of high tides.

So, is it worth visiting?

If you wish to set foot on the island, it is better to check before you shop for tickets. The reason is that most speedboats stop just at the southern-most beach. Also, they stop at the not so good north-west beach. But, you can rent a boat privately, if you intend to stop at the National Park restaurant.

Not a Bad Place to Stay!

Snorkeling at Koh Rang:

Here’s the kicker: Snorkeling is the best pastime in Koh Rang. Not just this island, this is the popular activity to the visitors of the entire Koh Chang area. It offers some of the best in the south of Thailand. Even though the visibility might not be awesome, you are sure to see large schools of fish. Snorkeling is an activity that you should add to your itinerary for sure.

But, in case you travel with a child, you should bear in mind that most snorkelling is done off the boat as opposed to on the shore. This means that they have to be comfy swimming in deep water. Also, there are various types of snorkelling trips to choose from.


In short, with tranquillity in your mind, you can confidently choose Koh Rang, an enthralling and peaceful Thai island.

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