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Relax on the White Sands of Koh Mak, Thailand

Koh Mak Is So Beautiful

What are you planning for the forthcoming vacation? Is it an island destination? If your answer is affirmative, I am here to introduce Koh Mak. This is a Thailand destination that measures just 16 square km’s. If you are looking for a place away from the speeding traffic, then this is the place to take your family to. Here, you will escape from crowded beaches, noisy bars, wall-to-wall development and much other unnecessary stuff that prevents you from achieving a peaceful mind. This means that this island destination will bring complete relaxation to your mind from all your worries. It will take you close to nature and a relaxing vacation is assured.

Perfect to Relax
Perfect to Relax

A relaxing vibe:

A relaxing vibe is something that you long for, isn’t? When I say, you can get the same from Koh Mak, will you prep yourself for a trip to this island? The gently lapping waters drench the palm-fringed bays in this island. This happens in a calm and rhythmic manner. Just sitting and watching the beach alone will bring you the value that you look for.  The interiors of the island are filled with rubber and coconut plantations and sand flies.

Easy to visit in the high seasons

Do you want to know the best part? Visiting this island is much easier during high season as against low season. December to March is high season and May to September is low season. In the latter season, bungalows wind up and many boats stop running. Now, this island has a 24-hour power supply, which was a dream for locals for so long.


Located just a few km’s south of Ko Chang, Koh Mak is a world away from heavy developments. It is stated as a gem in the crown of Thailand. This spot is the ideal vacation destination for individuals and families looking for a quiet life. This island has escaped the modern developments and maintains its rural atmosphere. However, new resorts have emerged recently. It is believed that this destination will remain as a silent family-friendly destination for several years to come.

Koh Mak
Koh Mak


Ao Kao is standing as the longest beach on the island. It is an excellent destination for lounging. For a more sheltered beach destination, Ao Suan Yai is the beach to opt for. Here, you can get to see the romantic sunset every evening. To get to see the attractive blue waters, Ao Phra is the beach destination to visit on this island. This beach is located on the north-west side of the main island. Here, great-tasting homemade foods are served by fishermen to tourists.

In short, this island has a deep routed agriculture tradition. This island has a unique landscape even when compared to the neighbouring islands. Everything will bring a relaxing vacation for sure. Are you ready?

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