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Fancy A Trip to Koh Libong, Thailand?

Koh Libong

When I say Koh Libong is the largest island in Thailand, will you agree? Of course, you might have heard about it. But, it is not the busiest island in the Trang Province of Thailand. It is a place to lull you to the simplest state of mind with her unique landscapes. The Muslim fishing villages, the deep starry nights and many things remain uninfluenced even with mass tourism development in this region. If you are lucky enough, you can get to see the endangered dugong. All said, you will depart from this island with a sense of things that you have never experienced in the past.

What’s on?

This largest island in the Trang Province is just 30 minutes by long-tail from the Mainland Hat Yao. The lush mountains in Koh Libong are wrapped by rubber trees. The island is known for its mesmerising flora and fauna with her thick mangroves. The dugongs and the migrating birds stand as excellent examples of the flora and fauna of this region. Apart from these attractions, the thin gold-brown beaches will take you to a state that you will find it hard to leave to your home nation. With the less-known backwater charm and scruffy sweetness, this island has a way to keep you captivated to her beauty.

Chill Out at Koh Libong
Chill Out at Koh Libong

What if you cannot spot a dugong?

As I stated earlier: Dugong is a species specific to this region. But, nothing to fret, if you cannot see a dugong on your visit. You can just poke around the island’s different 40 km’s of terrain that will help you explore plenty of other surprises. For instance, when you head towards the east, you will get to see landscapes similar to that of Savannah. With long grasses and cashew trees growing from fine white sands. The inland hills are covered by dense jungle. They elongate into fruit orchards and rubber groves. Besides the gold-sand, the beaches in this island are blessed with some pleasing rock formations. By the way, do you know what a Dugong is: it is a kind of sea cow.

Ideal season to visit:

November and December are the best months to visit this island. The reason is that at this time thousands of birds on their way from Russia to the south stop here. Even though there is no specific tourist attraction or activities in this place, kayaking, and trekking will surely be a past time for visitors. Remember to have a ride on the longtail boards, which will bring you a new experience in your life.

Koh Libong Longtail
Koh Libong Longtail

How to reach?

You can reach Koh Libong by boat. Boats are operated frequently from Chao Mai or Kantang on the mainland. You can reach within 30 minutes. Boats are also operated from the islands around. Remember that at rainy seasons, individual boats might be cancelled. So, you should plan your trip accordingly for an enjoyable vacation.

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