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Trip To Koh Rok? Oh..Go On Then!

When you find yourself in the Krabi region of Thailand you need to be prepared to explore. There are more than 100 islands in this part of Thailand. Some are occupied with a permanent group of locals and tourists. Some, however, are not inhabited but perfect for a paradise day trip. Koh Rok is one of these such islands and a must visit! It is not inhabited properly but you can spend the night there in a tent or if you are lucky a log cabin.

The island is not only famous for its beauty but also its Scuba diving and snorkelling.

Koh Rok Beach

The Koh Rok Islands

Many people think that Koh Rok is just the name of an island but this would be incorrect. There are actually two Koh Rok islands that are just a few hundred meters apart. You have Koh Rok Nok and Koh Rok Nai.

The islands are classed as part of the Koh Lanta National Park so if you wish to enter this part of the sea you will need to pay an entrance fee. An entrance fee that is well worth it!

Koh Rok Nok


When you are on Koh Rok Nok you will get to experience some fantastic beaches that will often be almost deserted. Three beaches that are of particular note include:

  • Ao Man Sai Beach – Perfect for relaxing and catching up on your sunbathing.
  • Pha Samed Daeng – Great for sightseeing! If the weather is perfect you can see Koh Lanta from here.
  • Thong Cape – The best place to relax, chill out and enjoy the setting sun.

This would be the island that you would sleep on should you decide to spend the night. It is worth noting that there are no boats to this island. If you wish to spend the night you would need to join a tour from Koh Lanta and get the same tour home the next day. Alternatively, you can pay to charter a boat. The island has no restaurant so you will need to manage this yourself but there is a very small shop.

Koh Rok Nai

If you like diving then this area will be your paradise. It has some super spots that your tour guide will be able to point out. There is also a waterfall on this island which is great to check out. The waterfall is only wet during and just after the rainy season though. If you are thinking of seeing the waterfall you should come November or December at the latest. The final item of note on this island is Sarn Chao Bay. There is a spirit house positioned here which is very important. The locals believe it protects the fishermen when they are at sea.

Koh Rok Nature

Monitor Lizard

Despite its location, it is home to some thriving wildlife species. You can find plenty of monitor lizards that reach incredible sizes here. The largest lizards of this type in Thailand have been found on the islands. They are often found hanging about in the cool areas. You will also see plenty of birds on the island. They have set up home here and the ecosystem on the island is perfect for their survival.

Koh Rok is and remains to be relatively untouched by humans. This is one of the main things that makes this part of Thailand so special. It is a place that so many tourists neglect to visit so you really should take advantage of the opportunity.

The Best Way To Get To Koh Rok

I mentioned earlier that no direct boats go to the island, instead only tour packages. The best tours that I have found for getting to Koh Rok are the Four Island Tours that leave from Koh Lanta. They depart each morning. You can choose either a long boat tour or a more expensive speedboat tour. The tour will go to four different islands and when it arrives at Koh Rok You simply disembark and get back on the tour the following day if you are camping. If you are not camping simply enjoy your short time there before moving on to the next island.

Camping At Koh Rok

If the pictures and description of Koh Rok have not been enough to make you want to come, then we hope the following video will leave you with no doubts!


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