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The Must Have Guide to Colaba Causeway, Mumbai!

Colaba Causeway Main

Formally known as ‘Shahid Bhagat Singh Road’, Colaba Causeway is a commercial street that sits between Colaba and Old Woman’s Island. If you decide to spend the day here, you will be close to many of the great sights in Mumbai such as the Gateway of India! Even if you are just driving past Colaba Causeway, you will still enjoy the abundance of beautiful and authentic colonial buildings.

Now, let’s talk about the shopping! It is the Mecca of shopaholics and retail therapists. With everything from jewellery to socks, the owners of the stores and stalls here will have you covered. You know when you walk past that one aisle in the supermarket with your child (or friend) and they see something they “just have to buy!”? Well, you’ll experience the very same feeling of amazement every step you take through the Colaba Causeway.

Colaba Causeway Books
Colaba Causeway Books

Fortunately for you, prices are extraordinary. Of course, you are expected to haggle the price down and request the cheapest possible prices but it’s hard to stay composed when you see prices this low! If you are a master of the poker face then you’ll do great here, if not, you have no chance!

Today, this magnificent marketplace is known as the ‘Culture Square’ of Mumbai and for good reason. The architecture of the area is very much a reminder of the old Bombay, with buildings like the National Gallery of Modern Art, Regal Cinema, Prince of Wales Museum and much more. The upmarket retail showrooms and shops dealing in technology, cosmetics and art are the only modernised structures in town. The pavements and landmarks are the same as when they were first put there, which is very impressive.

Colaba Causeway Jewellery 1
Colaba Causeway Jewellery 1

Of course, although structures may be archaic, this road has become a hub for small businesses like restaurants and bars. After a hard afternoon shopping at the market, you can stroll into one of the many establishments for a great meal or a few drinks. There are so many places to eat in Colaba Causeway that you will struggle to choose just one. Well, you don’t have to. While browsing the stalls for a bargain, you can try some amazing street food. There are a variety of different food stalls with so many different cuisines for you to try. The food is one of the biggest reasons why Colaba Causeway is so famous so don’t miss out.

Colaba Causeway Lanterns
Colaba Causeway Lanterns

If boutiques and exquisite things fascinate you, then you have the option of stepping into AAA, Aquamarine, Bunglow 8, Bombay Electric, Attic, Fuschia and Orange, Khubsons and Silver House amongst many more. Curio Cottage is an ideal place to stop over for trendy and antique silver jewellery.

Right when you enter the Causeway (or at the end, depending on which way you are coming from), you have Regal Cinema to the left (or right) where you can catch a movie if you wish to do so. Very few old school cinema halls remain these days, so catching a leisurely show in such theatres can be fun at times.

If you take a stroll in the lane behind Regal Cinema, you will find yourself walking into the sun as it sets on the Arabian Sea. Tourists and locals alike will be seen strolling on the Strand Promenade, which will lead you to the Gateway of India — and what a majestic sight beholds you there! Across the road, looming on the skyline is the grand Taj Mahal Palace hotel. Although the security is tighter now than before, the experience remains the same as it did back in the 80s — grand.

Colaba Causeway Jewellery
Colaba Causeway Jewellery

A Day is not enough at Colaba Causeway

I should add, a day is not usually enough to visit every corner of the Colaba Causeway, though, at times, it is enough. Like most of the places in Mumbai, the Causeway to has a character to it — a character that moulds with yours and accepts you as you are. You might go there one morning to shop with your friends, but you’ll return rich with experience and history. Or you could visit with your family and leave with a new one.

Also, while at the markets, you can see exquisite views of the towering architectures throughout Mumbai. The beautiful sites that this great city has produced will certainly leave you speechless. And the sheer volume of people rushing through this lively city is a real experience. Especially if you aren’t used to the hustle and bustle of the big city!

In addition to all the fine aspects of the Colaba Causeway, just being in Mumbai and the great city that it is, you will surely feel satisfied with the day’s events, whether you find some bargains or not. So make sure that you visit with a positive attitude and an empty stomach because the food available will undoubtedly make the visit worthwhile.

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