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Pocket Guide To Scotland

Scottish Highlands

Scotland is a beautiful country and one that is often overlooked by people because of its less than appetising climate. However, this fantastic country has so much to offer the visitor, it is a country that just keeps giving and one that is full of a proud and fun loving

Pocket Guide To Istanbul

View From Galata Tower

Istanbul is a fascinating place because it's been home to three major civilisations: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. Nowadays it's the bridge between Europe and Asia and it's got more culture than we could ever put into a simple guide. However, this pocket guide should put you on the right path. 1:

The Best Things to Do in The Netherlands

The Netherlands, also referred to as Holland is criss-crossed with canals. The flat landscape is perfect for cycling, with historic town centres, classic windmills and other tourist spots sprinkled across the country. The long coastline is marked by miles of protective dunes and sandy beaches. During springtime the flower gardens

Insane Facts About Norway!

Norway is a country in Scandinavia that is full of mountains, deep coast fjords and glaciers. The capital of Norway is Oslo, which is a city with many green spaces and museums. Norway itself is very popular with people who like fishing, skiing and hiking. However, you may not know

The Best Bars in London

London has some fantastic bars, from the trendy places that the city workers gather in at the end of their shifts to the Friday night hangouts that only get started long after dark. There are cocktail bars, roof top bars and prohibition bars, to name but a few. London has

City Guide: London

The Best Things to Do in London London is the capital of England and it used to be the capital of the Former British Empire, today it is considered one of the most iconic cities in the world. With a population edging ever closer to nine million it is a city