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Take To Trip To Wonderful Nas In Glorious Ikaria

Nas Main

Have you heard about Nas, Ikaria? Nas is one of the best attractions for tourists in Ikaria. It lies about three km west of the Armenistis. There is a small beach here to enjoy as well. The excellent thing about Nas is that she is the home for both the

Dimitsana, The Beautiful Village In Mountainous Arcadia


Built in an oval structure on a couple of hills, Dimitsana is a pleasant primitive village. She is at the starting of the Lousios George at a distance of about 11 km's north of Stemnitsa. This small village has had an interesting past. She had many gunpowder factories and Greeks

Is Vatera The Cream Of Lesvos

Vatera Beach

When you travel in Greece, particularly Lesvos, you should leave plenty of time for sightseeing. You can fill your time with visiting the top attractions in Vatera, which is in Lesvos. The most popular attraction in Vatera is her beach. About Lesvos: Lesvos is actually the third largest island in Greece. She

Island Guide: Awesome Things To Do In Rhodes

Things to do in rhodes

Has there ever been such a fantastic place to holiday as the island of Rhodes in Greece? There are so many things to do in Rhodes that there is something here for everyone to enjoy. The island of Rhodes is the capital of the Dodecanese. It is also known as