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Take a trip to Yialos on the island of Lefkada

When you ask me about my favourite island in Greece, I will immediately say it is without any doubt Lefkada, especially Yialos. Of course, the reason for this is the personal connection I have with this island in Greece. I […]

Is Vatera The Cream Of Lesvos

When you travel in Greece, particularly Lesvos, you should leave plenty of time for sightseeing. You can fill your time with visiting the top attractions in Vatera, which is in Lesvos. The most popular attraction in Vatera is her beach. […]

Time To Go On An Amazing Rome Catacombs Tour?

Many of us love to explore the ancient secrets of great places. As most of us know, Rome is a place of interest for tourists from around the world. You can uncover the ancient secrets of this great nation through […]

Island Guide: Awesome Things To Do In Rhodes

Has there ever been such a fantastic place to holiday as the island of Rhodes in Greece? There are so many things to do in Rhodes that there is something here for everyone to enjoy. The island of Rhodes is […]