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Travel Guide: What the heck is YURT camping?

What is a yurt anyway? Humans have been camping for eons, and yurt camping is no different.  A yurt is a traditional round tent. Historically the homes of nomadic peoples in the Central Asian steppes. Furthermore, the latticework makes up […]

Travel Guide: Real Life Wild West Towns!

More than 150 years ago these real life wild west towns were thriving centers of The American Dream. Even today these words are synonymous with the entrepreneurial heart and soul of hardcore Americana.  Disenchanted Europeans were on a mission to […]

Travel Guide: Europe’s Medieval Cities

The 10 Most Beautiful Medieval Cities In Europe Life in the ancient world was much different than life today. As humans began to develop agriculture, towns began to pop up around the countryside. Soon, we developed skills for building with stone masonry.  It […]

Travel Guide: Europe’s Bone Churches

Europe’s Most Extraordinary Bone Churches, All 10 Of Them! They are popularly known as “bone churches” or “bone houses” when in fact they are ossuaries. Incidentally, an Ossuary is a container or a room in which the bones of deceased are stored. Medieval […]

The Most Populated Cities in the World

There an estimated 7.29 Billion people on the planet, have you ever wondered which are the most populated cities? In this article I am taking a look at the ten most populated cities in the world 10. Dhaka, Bangladesh Dhaka […]