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City Guide: Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

The Best Things To Do In Kutna Hora Kutna Hora is one of the most beautiful Bohemian towns in the Czech Republic. The word Bohemian brings to mind beatniks and artists. Even today we see the influence of that vibrant, unconventional culture.  The fashion was adopted in the 60’s, and 70’s by America’s

City Guide: Valletta, Malta

Amazing Walled City

The Best things to see and do in Valletta, Malta Interestingly enough, most people are under the impression that Malta is an Italian or Greek Island. In fact, Malta is an individual country, and Valletta is the capital city. Furthermore, the Knights of St. John established this tiny walled town in

Pocket Guide To Cancun


Cancun is a city in Mexico that sits along the Yucatan Peninsula. It is known across the globe for its great beaches and energetic nightlife. There are two very distinct districts in Cancun that you should check out whilst you are here. El Centro which is a traditional downtown area

City Guide: Amsterdam

Canal at dusk

The Best Things To Do In Amsterdam Amsterdam is by far one of the world's most all-encompassing cities. The I AMsterdam slogan is so spot on because we are all Amsterdam indeed. Some of the best things to do in Amsterdam are not specifically the most popular things to do. Here at The Complete

Travel Guide: Europe’s Bone Churches

Ossuary at Kutna Hora

Europe's Most Extraordinary Bone Churches, All 10 Of Them! They are popularly known as "bone churches" or "bone houses" when in fact they are ossuaries. Incidentally, an Ossuary is a container or a room in which the bones of deceased are stored. Medieval Europeans had no qualms about placing the bones of the dead inside

Travel Guide: Europe’s Haunted Castles

Bodiam Castle UK

The 10 Creepiest Haunted Castles in Europe It is inevitable; every year summer fades into autumn, and the leaves fall from the trees. As fall arrives, the nights get longer, and so the bonfires become brighter. It is the time of year the dead come out to play, or so the