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Pocket Guide To Scotland

Scottish Highlands

Scotland is a beautiful country and one that is often overlooked by people because of its less than appetising climate. However, this fantastic country has so much to offer the visitor, it is a country that just keeps giving and one that is full of a proud and fun loving

Pocket Guide To Cape Town

Cage Diving

Cape Town is one amazing city. It sits on a peninsular under the shadows of Table Mountain. There are so many things to see and do in this city that this pocket guide to Cape Town barely scratches the surface. South Africa always provides incredible value for money and it

Pocket Guide To Singapore

Marina Bay Sands

Singapore is a ridiculously expensive city, but one that is super exciting, and a place that everybody wants to visit. If you are a traveller then it is likely that you will not be spending too many days here due to the costs so make sure that you check out

Pocket Guide To Istanbul

View From Galata Tower

Istanbul is a fascinating place because it's been home to three major civilisations: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. Nowadays it's the bridge between Europe and Asia and it's got more culture than we could ever put into a simple guide. However, this pocket guide should put you on the right path. 1: