Month: July 2016

Pocket Guide To Scotland

Scotland is a beautiful country and one that is often overlooked by people because of its less than appetising climate. However, this fantastic country has so much to offer the visitor, it is a country that just keeps giving and […]

Pocket Guide To Cape Town

Cape Town is one amazing city. It sits on a peninsular under the shadows of Table Mountain. There are so many things to see and do in this city that this pocket guide to Cape Town barely scratches the surface. […]

Pocket Guide To Singapore

Singapore is a ridiculously expensive city, but one that is super exciting, and a place that everybody wants to visit. If you are a traveller then it is likely that you will not be spending too many days here due […]

Pocket Guide To Istanbul

Istanbul is a fascinating place because it’s been home to three major civilisations: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. Nowadays it’s the bridge between Europe and Asia and it’s got more culture than we could ever put into a simple guide. However, […]